James Prather

About Advocate Public Adjusters

James is the President of Advocate Public Adjuster LLC, an Edmond, OK based license adjuster. James has many years of experience working as an insurance claims adjuster for a major insurance company. After handling 400 claims during Hurricane Katrina he is still trying to handle claims fairly and justly for customers. In 2013 while working as an adjuster James realized there was a real need for public insurance adjusters. An adjuster to serve homeowners and insurance claims in a way that would protect the policy holder not the insurance company. James also comes with years of experience as superintendence for large commercial projects as well as swimming pool contractor, restaurant construction and has helped build several homes. James works to make sure that business and homeowners are treated honestly and fairly. Contact James today, he will work hard for you and your claim guaranteed!

Recent Claims

Why should I hire a public adjuster?

 Saving Time: When it comes to a claim there are incessant demands for documents and information from your insurance company. A public adjuster can help organize and manage the claim, along with minimizing the time you will spend dealing with the claim issues.

 Expertise: It is easy to misinterpret the complex documents in your insurance policy. Our adjusters are familiar with the language of the policy and the way they are enforced can determine how your claim is settled.

 Faster resolution of your claim: Adjusters know how to properly organize your claim, process any paperwork that may be needed, as well as communicating with the insurance company to help avoid requests for more information and get your claim processed quicker.